Video: Miss Hawaii Threatens To Sue & Physically Harm Kyrie Irving



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First off the language in this video is NSFW, actually it might be Not Safe For Life.  I am posting this not because of Miss Hawaii or Kyrie Irving but as a warning to men and lesson to women.

Miss Hawaii: Duke’s Kyrie Irving’s Stalker or Victim? Is She a Prostitute?

Actually before I give you the warning I can tell you that I am writing this post looking just like this.

All I can really say for my brothers out there is be careful who you are dealing with on Twitter. Remember social media is the Matrix, most people aren’t what their twitter bio and picture say they are. Do a little research before you turn on your cam, skype, start texting or bbming. Before you send that naked pic or leave that Tigerstyle voicemail, I want you to say the following sentence to yourself.

“Can I trust this woman?”

If there is any hesitation don’t do it. This doesn’t go just for athletes, but for all men. Just because you aren’t being spotlighted on BSO doesn’t mean some crazy Twitter/Facebook woman can’t blow up your life.

Do you really want your version of Miss Hawaii on Youtube sending a video to all your friends? After watching this video I hope before you become “thirsty” over a woman with her cleavage out on Twitter you will think twice.

As far as my ladies, do you really want to come across like this?

I don’t begrudge women who watch to catch a baller, but there is a difference between a hooker on the corner and high price call girl.

All the screaming, foul language, threats, goon affiliation, twitter follower boasts and what not, doesn’t help your credibility or soften the assumption that you are crazy.

Being on World Star Hip Hop shouldn’t be seen as a lifetime achievement award. Being on “Bad Girls Club” shouldn’t be your goal in life.

For all I know what Miss Hawaii is saying is true, but the message gets lost when you are quoting Evelyn from the Basketball Wives every 15 seconds.

You want people to believe you, act and speak like an adult, that is what makes you a “factor”

I would normally tell Kyrie Irving to ignore this, but he might want to get a restraining order or something so the authorities are aware what is going pm.

If any of what she is claiming is true, he needs to chill on that before she shanks him, like some of these other women have been doing to athletes lately.

Either way she is crying out for help, hopefully someone hears it.


  1. My Gosh, this is true Ghetto Trash Gold Digging Hoe shat. Oh, she already knows that. Wow. Kyle Irving, dude, get a few new friends. Friends that dont care about how many twitter fans they have. HELP ME!!!!!!!!! LOL

  2. I know this may be a stupid question, but how did she become Miss Hawaii when is reppin’ the Bronx? She’s not worth the google search….

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