Video: Mya Harrison Sings Happy Birthday To The Rock on WWE RAW



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Mya is currently competing in the Pretty Ladies Tournament at and many consider her one of the sneaky favorites to win the entire thing.

She took some time out to  blessed The Rock with a very lovely rendition of Happy Birthday on Raw.

If I had my choice of lovely R&B singers to sing Happy Birthday to me the list would be.

1- Jordin Sparks
2- Rihanna
3- Mya
4- Beyonce
5- Shikari

Hopefully a lap dance would be included as well, even though I guess if I went to a Nicki Minaj concert I could get one of those.

If Steve Nash can get one, so should I.


  1. Amazing… The Rock is the s#$% [email protected]: Video: Mya Sings Happy Birthday To The Rock on WWE RAW”

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