Video: Randy Moss Speaks to Underage Criminal Offenders

Did you know Moss has never been in legal trouble throughout his years in the NFL?

You probably didn’t because Tom Jackson of ESPN continually calls him a “Thug”.  Moss had some run ins with the law in high school and in college, but from the time he enrolled at Marshall, there have been many athletes, some who are portrayed as squeaky clean that have been in more trouble than Moss.

There are valid criticisms you can make about Moss on the field and maybe even in the locker room, but the “Thug Life” rap that ESPN and others have placed on him has always been bogus.

Moss spoke to some underage offenders and it good look by Pro Football Talk for spotlighting it.

“The decisions you made to put yourself here were a mistake,” Moss told the male inmates, according to Ashley B. Craig of the Charleston Daily Mail.  “It happens.  I’ve been there.”

Moss also spoke with the female inmates at the facility.“Everybody is entitled to a mistake or two or three,” Moss said.  “I don’t want them to think my road was easy.  I’ve had some bumps in the road.

“I’ve been there.  I’ve been where they are.  I’ve worn those orange jumpsuits.”

Regardless of what you think of Moss personally there were many who figured that he would be in an orange jumpsuit at this point of his life.

He has proved a lot of people wrong.

2 thoughts on “Video: Randy Moss Speaks to Underage Criminal Offenders

  • Congrats…. Hope all are doing good in the community during this time…. Hell I know Martellus Bennet isnt..

  • Can’t aruge with you there. Often times black players who are a-holes and/or bad teammates get lumped in with black athletes that have actually run afoul of the law multiple times. T.O. is another example of this. And I’ve heard people actually refer to Chad Ochocinco/Johnson as a thug. *smdh*

    Unfortunately some fans and media personalities will contine to generalize black athletes by putting the “thug” label on them.

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