Video: Ron Artest Clothesline on JJ Barea Who Drops “Hella” in Interview


Laker fan is in full panic mode. I don’t think they should panic, but they definitely should be concerned. The Lakers team if you look at them as a whole, had some question marks that were going to be answered in the playoffs either negatively or positively.

Right now it is more negative than positive. Pau Gasol is looking like he is content with his two rings. Lamar Kardashian seems to battle harder with Khloe on his reality show than on the court.

The Killer Bees (Steve Blake, Chris Brown’s Brother and the Almost Basketball Husband) are playing like the Killer Bums. Blake in particular is making Smush Parker look like Chris Paul in comparison.

You know Kobe wants it, but in terms of basketball years, Kobe is old and has a lot of miles on those legs. He simply can not drop 50 and save the Lakers anymore.

Kobe is  like Batman, his obsession with basketball makes him borderline crazy, but even Batman got old and while the mind is still sharp the body isn’t as willing.

Ron Artest reverted back to what he does best when things aren’t going his way, thug life. He is like Mike Tyson, even though Mike is doing movies and racing pigeons now, you always get that feeling he can snap at any time.

Artest popped JJ “Hella” Barea pretty good, it shouldn’t warrant a suspension, but he will get one anyway based on his history.

Barea who took over the game off the bench, dropped “Hella” during his post game interview with Cheryl Miller.

So he will be forever known as.



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