1. I’m a Steelers fan, and I have no problems with people expresssing their opinions; we live in a country that enjoys the right to free speech. With that said, Mendenahall’s opinion of 9/11 and Bin Laden is just flat out wrong. Apparently he doesn’t read or watch the news b/c if he did, he would’ve remembered when Bin Laden was coming out with a new video every week cursing the U.S. and bragging about his role in 9/11. OBL also took responsibility for killing thousands of Africans even before 9/11, so to say “we’ve only heard one side” and “we don’t know know the man” is laughable. And stop using the “only God can judge people” excuse. If you see somebody hurting or murdering one of your family members, you sure as hell ain’t gon stay silent and wait for God to judge. Humans have to judge each other, otherwise criminals can do whatever they wanted without fear of consequence, and the entire world would be in chaos.

    I respect people’s right to voice their opinion, but I don’t have to respect their opinion itself, especially when the opinion goes against proven facts. Going against the grain or masses doesn’t necessarily make someone a deep, intelligent thinker that steps outside the box. Sometimes it just makes that person look delusional, ignorant, and blind to reality.

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