12 thoughts on “Vilification of Rashard Mendenhall Shows Hypocrisy in our Society

  • Mendenhall has a right to his opinion. Just as people have the right to have an opinion about his opinion. We’re all free to think what we like. I don’t understand what’s hypocritical about that.

    • When people say he is ignorant and don’t respect his opinion is the hypocrisy

  • Great article Robert. The best part of your post is when you admonished us not to think something just because ESPN tells us what to think. We have to be critical thinkers.

    Most of what Mendenhall said was stupid, in my opinion. However, if I was a Steelers fan, I wouldn’t want him released or traded. Moreover, with an accused rapist as the QB, it seems outlandish to think the Rooneys would do something that irrational.

    Secondly, Luke Scott of the Baltimore Orioles was a birther. He was quoted in a Yahoo! article spouting off rhetoric about Obama’s birth certificate. I thought his comments were off base, but I (in your words) “shrugged”.

    I find people who go against the grain to be refreshing. It’s a shame that when people are vilified for being controversial.

  • I just wanted to say I enjoyed your article.You shed light on a lot of American societies problems. We (Americans) are too caught up with peoples opinions who go against the grain and the government instead of actually thinking if they have some substance behind their words.In my opinion the government loves the media because they keep us fighting with each other instead of working together for the common good. If we can make the races hate each other and divide everyone else than the one percent group who really rules this country can keep getting richer and running our country unabated making the socioeconomic gap larger and even more people suffering and bickering with each other.

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