Was the Wordplay Commercial Necessary?

So this is what’s it come to.  The NBA has chosen to take a stance in the war on words, specifically the word gay.  Never mind the context that the word is used in, it’s been deemed offensive already.  Whether this war stemmed from Kobe Bryant’s $100,000 word or Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts recent disclosing of his sexual orientation, the NBA has crossed the point of no return.

Sure words have meaning, but people give words purpose.  When used in a context outside of the predisposed denotation, is there reason for uproar.  For if that is the case, there should be a commercial chiding the word nigger any day now.  Regardless of who uses it, that word’s been known to offend a couple people over the years.  Considering that the usage of the word nigger runs rampant throughout the NBA, the wordplay spot for nigger should’ve been first on the commercial to do list.  Making matters worse, there was a public ceremony to bury nigger in 2007 held by the NAACP.

Simply saying something like “your moves are gay” without intent to offend shouldn’t warrant the need for spot appearances from Grant Hill and Jared Dudley.  If anything, the insignificance in which the word is excercised renders it powerless more so than reprehensible.


In both of the videos above, a word traditionally thought of as offensive was used. Neither video detailed the historical discriminatory use of the word. In the midst of one of the most compelling playoffs ever, this should not be a topic of concern. Nevertheless, the can has been opened. It’s time for the NBA to play all sides as a result.

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