A Little Shine for the Athletes Doing Right

We’ve all watched sports headlines over the past few weeks and they’ve been less than positive. Tawanna Iverson filing for divorce from Allen Iverson. Raheem Brock arrested for walking out on a $27 bar tab. Brandon Marshall stabbed by wife. Kenny Britt has 2 outstanding arrest warrants in 2 different states. The list goes on and on. Contrary to mainstream media focus, there are some wonderful things happening with professional athletes. I’d like to shine on the good guys for once.

Grant Hill and his 9 year old daughter Myla are featured on the cover on Chop Chop magazine. They discuss their favorite foods, basketball and eating healthy in the article. Braylon Edwards recently announced that he would be providing 100 scholarships of $10,000 each for Cleveland students getting ready to enter college. Drew Brees announced a $100,000 donation to complete a new football field and track for G. W. Carver High School in New Orleans. Warrick Dunn recently provided his 100th (ONE HUNDREDTH) single parent with the down payment to purchase their own home.

Stories like this don’t get the headlines that Plaxico Burress, Michael Vick and Donte Stallworth garner. We like to watch the famous fall. Maybe it helps us feel like those guys aren’t better than us. Well, some of them are and in a world where we feed off the negativity, I’d like to thank those that choose to help others that struggle helping themselves. Keep up the good work guys. We notice and thank you.

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