Allison Mathis Refuses to Allow Chris Bosh’s Daughter to Go to Finals Game


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Stereotypes are bad.

The one thing you don’t want to do is to perpetuate the stereotype. There is a stereotype that black women can be bitter and vindictive.

It is one unfortunately that follows all black women even if it isn’t deserved, but when you read stories like this, it  isn’t going to help that perception. has the details.

Chris Bosh and his ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis are still battling each other in court over custody of two year old daughter, Trinity. Currently there is a temporary order in place where the two share custody.

With the Miami Heat in the NBA finals, Bosh of course would like his daughter there to share the experience with him. AT the moment, Trinity is in the custody of Allison and she refuses to allow her daughter to attend the games. Bosh has filed an emergency motion with the court.

TMZ, has also obtained an e-mail that was submitted with the court documents where late last month, Chris pleads with Allison to allow his daughter to watch him play and to see if they could reach a resolution without involving the courts. Check out excerpts from that e-mail.

“I am embarking on a new chapter of my life by making it into the finals for the first time in my professional career and it’s very important to me to have the people closest and dear to my heart to be able to share these moments with me.””If we can make this happen please respond asap and I will set up the arrangements for pick up/drop off without you even having to lift a finger.”

Mathis should be ashamed of herself, you never use a child as a pawn. Just because you are salty that Bosh has moved on and has a new lady, you never put your child in the middle of that.

If Mathis concentrated more on being a parent than getting on Basketball Wives, Bosh wouldn’t have to beg her to see his daughter.

Mathis is a pathetic individual and in a society where men are continuously dogged for not being father to their children, hopefully you see that there are some who are trying, but has to deal with women who make it difficult for them.

The good news for Bosh his schedule to see his daughter before Game 6 of the Finals, so she can see her dad play. I hope the Judge takes all this into consideration in their custody hearing.

You read this letter from Chris Bosh and tell me that Allison Mathis isn’t a vindictive bitter woman.

35 thoughts on “Allison Mathis Refuses to Allow Chris Bosh’s Daughter to Go to Finals Game

  • Did I miss something? The child is two years old, right? What the heck is this little girl gonna remember about her Dad being in the NBA Finals at two years of age?

    I forgot The Predator used to date this girl with the eight-head. Wasn’t she poppin off at the mouth at LeBron during a Raptors game a few seasons ago? I guess that’s all water under the bridge now, huh, Chris?

    I’m just sayin…

    • Do you have children? If you don’t you wouldn’t understand.

      • Just because you have kids doesnt mean “you should come see daddy play”.

        If it was me I would let my daughter go because I wouldnt want to answer to that later.. (Why didnt you let me see daddy play) …BUT my problem is with the way ur trying to make her seem like she’s a bitter, evil monster. You dont know whats going on between them . You dont know all the factors. Your commentary was extremely one sided. Then again you’re a father and ur seeing it as a father.

        Calling her evil and bitter is a bit much

        • That is my opinion of the situation that she is being evil and using her child as pawn, I am not backing down from those statements, if Miss Mathis would like to address them i am not hard to find.

        • Britt, you’re a moron…The finals are stretched over WEEKS…She can’t have had something else to do….There is no reason whatsoever that she shouldn’t be allowed unless she’s in the hospital….Period…

      • I agree with you. And beside its easy to say that the Mother is being wrong, nobody knows if that email was even send. Beside the daughter is only 2 yrs old Please she should be sleep.

  • You dont know whats going on and her reasons for not letting her daughter go. Dont rush to judgement and judge her and her decisions. It could be some other stuff that we dont know about. How about she has things planned with her daughter that she wanted to do. You cant expect to jump up and say “hey i want my daughter cuz its the finals” and get it. It doesnt go that way/

    And your playing into the stereotype of a typical black man. How do you know she’s bitter that he’s moved on? You dont know that. Not every woman gets bitter because their ex moved on. Bosh didnt want her on BBW so what does that make him? Does that make him bitter? NO

    And so what she wanted to be on Basketball wives,thats her life. Dont be so judgmental!

    • say so Girl…………….

  • He has treated Maths like SHIT for three years, dragging her to court, leaving her destitute and then marrying another woman when the child was barely two. He does not want to be a father, he wants to be on camera and build his “good dad” image, when he is a complete piece of SHIT. But, we all know how much Robert Littal hates black women, unless they are a Kardashian who he continually praises on a BLACK SPORTS SITE. Laughable. Get your facts right ROBERT and investigate the story before you post your pathetic tabloid journalism stories. Any chance you get to slam ANY black women on this jump on it like a rabid dog, what is wrong with you?? “She mad and bitter because he moved on and married someone else”, wow, how deep and well-thought out!!!! Pathetic

    • Why would she let him see his kid? Two wrongs make a right? Obviously in your world

  • You are so full of you know what. I am a parent of four. Married and divorced. You assign her some sort of label based on not letting the kid, who is 2, come to the game. Did she even say “no”? Why is this being played out in the media. Get a effing life!

  • What does her being black have anything to do with this situation? How can you carry race into this? This happens when people breakup not just black people. Have you ever heard of Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen or Kelsey Grammer. Ididn’t hear anyoone say the women were being bitter because they were white. I’m very disappointed in you. You could have reported the story and left the “Bitter Black Women Sterotype” out of it. He was going to get her before the playoffs we’re over anyway.

    • If it was white woman I would have said same thing.

      • THAT IS BULLSHIT. Look at your new Kardashian article where you.NAME THE BLACK FOOTBALL PLAYER and not your precious Kimmy!!! YOU WORSHIP WHITE WOMEN!!!!

          • Robert I’ve been reading your site and I’m sorry, you are biased. I love my people and some of us hate ourselves. I even noticed that you wouldn’t identfy Dirk fianace as Black! “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” If you can’t be real with yourself who can you be real with?

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