Allison Mathis Refuses to Allow Chris Bosh’s Daughter to Go to Finals Game

Stereotypes are bad.

The one thing you don’t want to do is to perpetuate the stereotype. There is a stereotype that black women can be bitter and vindictive.

It is one unfortunately that follows all black women even if it isn’t deserved, but when you read stories like this, it  isn’t going to help that perception. has the details.

Chris Bosh and his ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis are still battling each other in court over custody of two year old daughter, Trinity. Currently there is a temporary order in place where the two share custody.

With the Miami Heat in the NBA finals, Bosh of course would like his daughter there to share the experience with him. AT the moment, Trinity is in the custody of Allison and she refuses to allow her daughter to attend the games. Bosh has filed an emergency motion with the court.

TMZ, has also obtained an e-mail that was submitted with the court documents where late last month, Chris pleads with Allison to allow his daughter to watch him play and to see if they could reach a resolution without involving the courts. Check out excerpts from that e-mail.

“I am embarking on a new chapter of my life by making it into the finals for the first time in my professional career and it’s very important to me to have the people closest and dear to my heart to be able to share these moments with me.””If we can make this happen please respond asap and I will set up the arrangements for pick up/drop off without you even having to lift a finger.”

Mathis should be ashamed of herself, you never use a child as a pawn. Just because you are salty that Bosh has moved on and has a new lady, you never put your child in the middle of that.

If Mathis concentrated more on being a parent than getting on Basketball Wives, Bosh wouldn’t have to beg her to see his daughter.

Mathis is a pathetic individual and in a society where men are continuously dogged for not being father to their children, hopefully you see that there are some who are trying, but has to deal with women who make it difficult for them.

The good news for Bosh his schedule to see his daughter before Game 6 of the Finals, so she can see her dad play. I hope the Judge takes all this into consideration in their custody hearing.

You read this letter from Chris Bosh and tell me that Allison Mathis isn’t a vindictive bitter woman.

35 thoughts on “Allison Mathis Refuses to Allow Chris Bosh’s Daughter to Go to Finals Game

  • about opening a can of worms…lol Nice to see a lot of responses….at least people are reading….

  • I thought this was pretty harsh for having only one side of the story presented. You always seem you reserve judgement when certain circumstances are involved (i.e. athlete accused of sexual assault or something along those lines). But you totally went in on her as if you are an eyewitness to what goes on between them. When you insert your personal opinion before all facts are known you usually preface it with, “If that’s true then…..” For some reason you didn’t do it here. You may even be right about her using her child as a pawn. It’s not like it’s completely unheard of in the history of child custody, but it was extremely harsh without knowing all the facts.

    Just to add something else, maybe a little too deep and completely off base since I don’t have kids yet. You have a popular website. Imagine if someone with an equally popular website wrote something just as scathing about the mother of your child. Not so much how you would feel about it, but how your child would feel if she read it.

  • When did TMZ become a reliable source. It’s a gossip rag and the fact that you and your columnists drink it like kool-ade just shows that people don’t think for themselves anymore. All of you people out there demonizing this woman, have you ever heard her side of the story? I don’t see her running to the media to try and get some sympathy. Stop sniffing these damn ballplayers jocks. I “heard” he was paying this woman just a couple of grand a month for child support and he makes 17 million a year. Stop speaking on things you know nothing about, sound like a bunch of haters.

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