Allison Mathis Suing Chris Bosh For Keeping Her off Basketball Wives

I am all about trying to make a living.

I don’t begrudged any of the women on the Basketball Wives, but it is bit disturbing that women specifically women like Allison Mathis are so thirsty to be on a show that perpetuate a stereotype of women as groupies, who do typical groupie like things while slandering the athletes they have been with in the past.

The motivation to being on Basketball Wives is to become famous (reality show famous) and the fact that Mathis is suing Chris Bosh because she isn’t on the show, lets me know he priorities are more about attention whoring than allowing Bosh to see his child.

Here are the details of the lawsuit.

Allison Mathis, Bosh’s ex-girlfriend, claims in a lawsuit filed Monday in Orange County Circuit Court that Bosh “intentionally, knowingly, maliciously and without justification interfered” in her employment, prompting the television show’s production company to fire her.

In early May, Bosh sued Mathis and Shed Media, the show’s production company, alleging that they were trying to exploit her former relationship with Bosh for “commercial gain.”

Jane E. Carey, Mathis’ attorney, released a statement that read: “Ms. Mathis was employed to appear on this season of the reality TV series “Basketball Wives.” Chris Bosh is using his vast money and all of the power that comes from his wealth and celebrity to silence her.”

The reality is Bosh couldn’t stop her from appearing on the show, the production company decided to go with another person.  If Bosh thinks that Mathis is going on the show with the purpose of defaming him or that it would have an affect on his relationship with his child, I don’t blame him for trying to do whatever he can to stop her.

It is apparent to me at least the reason Mathis is being difficult about visitation is because she is salty that Bosh made it more difficult for her to be a “Non MFin Factor” as Evelyn would say, because in her mind being the next Jennifer Williams is a career goal.

Just tell the truth you mad that Bosh has a new lady and she looks better than you.

Someone should tell Miss Mathis, no one is stopping her from getting a normal job that doesn’t involved making a fool of herself on TV, but let me guess, she would rather keep cashing those child support checks.

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5 thoughts on “Allison Mathis Suing Chris Bosh For Keeping Her off Basketball Wives

  • Dude, you must have some issues with females. You running this woman down like you know her. Oh, I forgot, you know her type. I don’t have a dog in this fight but I do not like how you are being so one-sided. All you know is what you read in the gossip columns. As for reality TV, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I mean, you just called this woman a whore and you don’t know jack about her. You call this journalism, more like reality TV. Check yourself.

    • He hates ALL black women, especially those are not a Kardashian. Clearly his yellow journalism and gossip television writing coupled with his whack opinion(very journalistic and professional!), seems to make up this website!!! Robert, how do you get to decide how this woman should earn a living? PATHETIC!!

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