“Angel” Claims Wizards Andray Blatche Impregnated Her, Wants to Be on BBall Wives


Why does everyone want to be on Basketball Wives?

I don’t know if this woman is pregnant, a jump off or someone who just wants her 15 seconds of fame.  What I do know is she looks like Wesley Snipes, so if Blatche did mess around with here, I have to question his taste in females.

The Dirty.com has what I would deem a pretty wild story.

NBA Player Andray Blatche for the Wizards slipped up and got a groupie pregnant a Miami wanna be Video H*e named Angel is preggers right now with his baby.

She had a a ghetto fab baby shower. (pic of her in wicker chair and tiara crown).

She goes around telling everybody who will listen badmouthing him and how she is gonna get famous and get on basketball wives.  They never had a relationship just slept together… but here is what made it worst… Angel made a fake twitter account @espnbitch and was harassing andray from calling him names.. basically harassing him …..IP address was tracked from the page and it was her the whole time harassing him online.

I probably shouldn’t but the whole time I am reading the story I was like.

I did peep the “fake” twitter account and even though it only has two tweets, they are pretty vicious (you can see them in the gallery above).

Model Angel Germain Who Claims to Be Wizards… by BlackSportsOnline
If you recall Andray was the one hosting “Lap Dance Tuesday” in South Beach, so the story while funny, it might actually be true.  The overall lesson is always the same, be careful who you break lamps or even talk about breaking lamps with MY BROTHERS.


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