Anonymous Player Takes Shot at Lebron James

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

I’ve met Lebron James a few times, seems like a nice guy, yes he is a little arrogant and very self assured, but most athletes are especially the superstar ones.

I have no problem with people being critical of his game on the court, but it would be naive to think some of those criticisms are personal in nature.

People simply don’t like Lebron for various reason and there are a lot of fans and media praying for his downfall just so the can mock his “Decision”.

It appears though it isn’t just fans and media, but players to are getting their shots in at the King.

Mike Wise of the Washington Post decided to drop this juicy nugget into his Game 5 column:

He constantly needs to remind himself of his stature, to the point of turning off teammates and would-be teammates. For example, a player recently told me LeBron had contacted him about possibly joining forces in the offseason, though he was cryptic about where he actually might play. The text began: “Yo, this is King James.”

“I was like, ‘Give me a break. You’re going to call yourself that?’ “the player said, on condition that his name not be used. “Do you think Michael Jordan texts people by starting with, ‘Yo, this is His Airness.’ Come on, get over yourself.”

Be a man and attach yourself to the quote, don’t hide or be anonymous. I going to assume this player isn’t in the NBA Finals, so sounds to me like he is a bit salty.

No telling how Michael Jordan addressed himself to another players, so don’t make assumptions.

If you want to take shots don’t take them under cloak and dagger, that is weak to take a shot at Lebron when you know he is already catching heat.

No pun intended.

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