Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada To Write Tell-All Book About Antonie Walker


If you think about it, this is very smart move for all the Almost Basketball and Professional Wives out there.  Instead of writing a real life biography of their time with professional athletes and open themselves to be exposed as liars and frauds, they write “fictional” stories about their baller lives.

They change a few names, mix up a few details and assume we are idiots incapable of figure out who and what they are talking about.

Evelyn Lozada who besides Shaunie O’Neal appears to have the best hustler mentality of the Almost Basketball Wives has decided to write a book about her time with Antonie Shimmy Walker and the lives of her other Almost Basketball Wives friends.

Here are the details.

Evelyn Lozada, one of the stars of VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” is planning to release a series of novels called “The Wives Association,” which will fictionalize some of her own experiences of being romantically involved with a professional athlete – but through her alter ego character, Eve Inez-Landon.

“I have a bunch of journals from when I was in my previous relationship and I would write down everything that was going on of how I felt, or what was going on in my life,” Lozada tells EUR’s Lee Bailey. “And then when I started moving out, I found these journals and I started reading them. And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is crazy – everything that I went through!’”

Much of that relationship, with ex-fiance Antoine Walker, has already been in the gossip rags.

“And all of it’s not bad, obviously, there’s good too,” she says of their run. “But I figured why not put all of this into a book – and people not know what’s real from fake.

Before I tell you what is comical about this, pay close attention to that last sentence.

What’s real and what’s fake.

That is a real slick way of saying, all of the hoish behavior that maybe be linked to me I will say is fake and all the players stuff I will say is real.

The funny part is the title “The Wives Association”.

I know it is allegedly a fictional a book, but to be a part of an association shouldn’t you have to been a wife at some point?  It should be called “The Almost Wives Association”.

I hope Ocho is getting a 15% cut.

Now lets all “Shimmy”.


  1. Didn’t superhead pretty much cover this stuff in her 1st 2 books….ok let me guess how the book will start….woman bangs nba player…falls in love and get married but then due to the players cheating ways she’ll have no choice but to bang other nba players on the side to help her deal with all the pressure…

  2. Evelyn we don’t give a shit about all this mess they have printed up in this forum. What we are interested in is something we saw on your twitter wall called Ocho Pinko. I swear Ev we are dying with the laughter, where can we find one of those? Evelyn, you two togehter are something else. One more joke Ev before we leave, it’s about the fish tank. The fishes get to see and hear everything Ev even the cut!! (laughing)

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