Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed Addresses Her Relevance to the NBA


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One of the general knocks against the VH1 Reality Show Basketball Wives is that most of the women aren’t wives and even if they were or are wives either their husbands were journeymen (see: Meeka Claxton) or they haven’t been out of the league for YEARS.

Royce Reed faces a different dilemma since she is not allowed to speak about her past relationship with the father of her son Dwight Howard (a court order that she voluntarily signed) and her background of a NBA dancer has cast members and viewers questioning her revelance not just to show but her connection to the NBA in general.

Here is an exclusive quote from Royce to BlackSportsOnline addressing those criticisms.

I find it funny when some of my cast members question my relevance to the NBA. I laugh because I feel as if I hold more relevance than most of them due to the fact I actually held a job for 3 season, received a paycheck, and was constantly in the community as an ambassador for both teams I was a part of.

I was in a relationship also but that’s not what defines me so I’m actually happy that I didn’t have to tell my story pertaining to my ex. I was able to showcase who Royce is as a person, not someones ex.

I like holding my own without having to piggy back or ride on someone else coat-tails. Also, I’m still active in my career. I have a book out now called College Girls (you can purchase at that is part one of a 5 book series and I’m about to go on tour for a stage play called Cheaters.

My dance company is doing well and I’m using my college degree to further myself. The show is a stepping stone and also an outlet to show who Royce really is. Like it or not, its me.
I think I know the real reason why Royce catches some flack.
It is because she is a HEAT fan, part of the South Beach NWO?

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