Brandon Marshall’s Wife Arrested Again

According to a report from, Michi Nogami-Marshall was arrested once again on Friday for violating a judge’s restraining order connected to an April incident in which she was alleged to have stabbed her husband. The order prohibited Nogami-Marshall from being within 500 feet of the couple’s home and from having any contact with her husband.

According to this arrest report, Michi Marshall told deputies she was living in the couple’s home while Marshall was out of town.

When Brandon Marshall returned home there was a “verbal dispute” — according to the arrest report — and someone placed the call to 911 then hung up.

Deputies responded and arrested Michi Marshall around 10 a.m.

The investigation into the incident has been slow because of Marshall’s reported refusal to talk with authorities. But if this reports is any indication, it looks like Brandon is not interested in having his wife anywhere around for the time being.