Chad Ochocinco Plans To Battle Lil Wayne

Reason #4,298 that the NFL needs to end the lockout. Now.

Chad Ochocinco has been a Jack of All Trades during this work stoppage, going from football to futbol to bull riding. Now he’s adding one more job title to his resume – rapper. The wide receiver who is rarely at a loss for words tweeted on Thursday that he plans to face off against none other than Lil Wayne during an upcoming UStream rap battle.

My rap career is official now,battling Lil Wayne on ustream in a few days.I won’t lose!!!

To prove he’s serious (at least as serious as Chad can be), Ochocinco changed his Twitter avatar to a photo of video games and expensive chains and watches sitting on top of stacks of $100 bills to represent his new rap persona, PePe, aka Lil Taco.

I’ve said before that I truly enjoy seeing what Ochocinco’s going to come up with next. In an age when many high profile athletes are carefully crafting their images, Chad’s not afraid to try new things and potentially fail. Plus, through it all, his name remains out of the police blotter. But it’s also very possible for anyone – Ochocinco included – to jump the shark. And the longer this lockout goes, the closer he gets to putting on that leather jacket and strapping on those water skis.

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