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Cheaters Never Win, Except John Calipari

by BSO Staff | Posted on Monday, June 27th, 2011
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Jim Tressel is gone from the Ohio State University. Bruce Pearl is gone from the University of Tennessee. Butch Davis is leading a program where 8 players amassed 317 unpaid parking totaling over $13,000. Wide Receiver Greg Little alone had 93 tickets on multiple vehicles with nine different license plates. Among the cars the players were driving? Land Rovers, BMWs and Acuras, all cars scholarship players who can’t have jobs surely can afford. Then you have John Calipari.

Back in the 2007-2008 season, future NBA MVP Derrick Rose led the Memphis Tigers to the NCAA Title game under coach John Calipari. A few months later it was discovered that Rose’s SAT score had been thrown out because he may not have actually taken the test himself. This led to the season being vacated because Rose was ruled ineligible. The worst part is that if they had let that violation slide, he would have been ruled ineligible because his brother Reggie was allowed to travel with the team for free.

Coach Calipari has had a track record of violations. In his career he has had a season at UMass vacated as well shady dealings such as hiring prized recruit Tyreke Evans’ personal strength coach as an administrative assistant. So how is he punished? After the fall out at Memphis, he was actually rewarded by becoming head coach of perennial powerhouse Kentucky. A man who is a ticking time bomb of NCAA violations gets one of the most coveted jobs in college sports.

Today, Kentucky announced that they had extended Coach Calipari’s contract by 2 more seasons and an additional $5 million, bringing the total of his deal with incentives to $36.5 million.

A lot of people argue that paying student-athletes is one solution to the problems, but maybe we should stop paying these coaches who cheat, get caught and are rewarded with even more lucrative deals while the teams they leave are left to pick up the pieces.

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  1. And Swizz Beats RT @BlkSportsOnline BSO Post: Cheaters Never Win, Except John Calipari

  2. John Wilson says:

    Great idea. I actually wrote an article about a similar idea: have a clawback clause in coaches’ contracts so that if their programs are found to have violations that coaches should have known about then bonuses can be clawed back.

  3. @KySportsRadio oops, forgot the link. Clearly facts dont matter to this individual.

    • Phil says:

      What “Facts”? That Calipari is the one that turned Camby in after he found out, or the fact that the NCAA cleared Rose on THREE DIFFERENT TIMES and said he was ok to play? Or the fact the NCAA has cleared Calipari after investigations on BOTH of these issues?

  4. Danny Soloe says:

    You guys are idiots !!! Ever do yoour homework ? What has Coach Cal,ever,I repeat EVER been caught doing that was an NCAA violation ? Im waiting !!!! Thats right,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The NCAA never said he did anything wrong in the Camby thing,nor the Rose and the test thing either. Others have been caught doing things wrong,yet Cal is prosecuted and judged by a bunch of idiots out their who know this,but only write stories like this to get ratings from fans like us at Kentucky who are passionate about our school,and who hate to see someone wrongly judged,when he did nothing wrong in either case. Pull the records,dont respond to me,ANYONE with what YOU THINK,pull the NCAA records if your right,and show me what THEY say he did wrong,again,IM WAITING>>>>IDIOTS< OH,and Im gonna do like you guys,also and try to get some ratings and hits ,so KY fans,join us at

  5. Dan says:

    Nothing you said here is anything close to being right.

  6. billyjaholberson says:

    “Coach Calipari has had a track record of violations.”

    LOL. Do some research next time. John Calipari has never had one NCAA violation. @ UMASS, Calipari self reported the Camby violations. @ MEMPHIS, the NCAA clearing house cleared Derrick Rose to play. Are you trying to tell me that if the NCAA cleared a player, you wouldn’t play him just to be safe? When the NCAA finally came back and told MEMPHIS that they were playing an ineligible player (the same player they cleared in the freaking clearing house) the season was already over! And how in the hell can Calipari stop someone from cheating on an SAT? How are they even connected?

    And to top it off, Derrick Rose would NEVER have been ruled ineligible because his brother was riding with the team on the plane. That is the most retarded absurd thing I’ve ever read.

    I now feel dumber for having read this article. Thank you.

  7. John O'Brien says:

    Marcus Camby was on the team over two years and broke an NCAA rule bt receiving gifts. How is that Coach Cals fault and how did that give the team an advantage which is the goal of a cheater is it not. It was simply a young man breaking a rule, not a law, and receiving benefits that he shouldn’t have. Rose was reviewed by the NCAA and then cleared to play. If he did in fact cheat on his test, which has not been proven, then how is Coach Cal responsible for that. The NCAA has cleared Coach Cal of all wrong doing in these episodes so who are you to say he is guilty of violations.

  8. flacat22 says:

    Nice try hack. I guess that’s why you’re relegated to this type of “writing”. For your next piece lets see you go after Coach k at dUKe for hiring the “cheater” Jeff Capel. Didnt you know it was his fault that Tiny Gallon took money under his watch? But wait Capel is black and clearly wont further your website’s agenda.

  9. GoCards says:

    Thank you for writing a logical, coherent and TRUE article. Calimari will pay for it. No way he can get all those recruits legally.

  10. Calipari Is God says:

    John Calipari has ZERO ncaa violations. Look it up!

  11. Oboro3 says:

    I love how these so-called writers publish articles when it is so obvious that there was no research done on their part. He calls Cal a cheat when the NCAA has cleared him of wrongdoing both times. Coach K can hire a cheat, Tressel can get fired for cheating, Coach Pearl can get fired for cheating and lying to the NCAA, Pitino has been caught twice, Roy Williams put Kansas on probation, Jim Calhoun has been in trouble multiple times and yet, this writers jealousy focuses on Coach Cal who has not been even reprimanded by the NCAA.

    These writers spew their jealous, fictional articles and then hide behind them without basing anything on fact, hence the reason why he writes for a wannabe website.

  12. John Shaw says:

    Bering a Cubs fan quickly let me know what a looser you are!Coach Cal has never been punished for an infraction by the NCAA!

    UK’s compliance office wont allow it and neither will the Big Blue Nation! Pay recruits? LMAO The top prospects want to play at UK and for coach Cal!! Is that a violation? They know that he prepares them for early entry to the NBA!

    Your journalistic skills are pathetic and boring! Bet you think Aldolh Rupp was a Racist Too! Trying to increase your readers?????? Nice try but bring some facts to the table! Like I said your a Cuibs fan!!!!LOL

  13. Meteordealer says:

    When are you going to post a photo of Coach K with “CHEAT” emblazoned across the bottom of it? Afterall, he played a player named Corey Magette during Duke’s 1999 season. Their entire season along with their Final Four should have been vacated after Magette admitted under oath to being paid and receiving benefits the entire time he was at Duke.

    Roy Williams got Kansas put on probation for allowing players to receive gifts and cash from boosters even AFTER he was made aware of it. He then bolted for UNC as the NCAA hammer was about to fall.

    Rick Pitino has something like 8 Major NCAA infractions on his record. Pitino also hired a man by the name of Shabaka Lands in order to get a committment from Marquis Teague. Once Teague comitted to UK, Pitino immediately and quietly fired Lands from his staff at Louisville.

    Jim Calhoun is under investigation by the NCAA on a yearly basis. I’m surprised UCONN can even field a team with all of the punishments that the NCAA has had to hand out to them.

    John Calipari has been coaching in the college ranks for almost 30 years and has personally NEVER been in trouble with the NCAA. He can develop role players like Harrelson into NBA draft picks and THAT’S why just about every player in America wants to come to UK and play for him. Not to mention all of the good he does for the less fortunate including raising millions of dollars for charity.

  14. Seattlekat says:

    The article shows a couple things:

    1. Haters will always hate, heck with the facts!!

    and 2. The most important……UK is definitely “back.”

    They, the hack writers, didn’t care about us for several years….makes me think of “envy our past, fear our future.”

  15. ukkrazy says:

    What you have written here is libelous and actionable because there is not an ounce of truth in all of the “violations” that you have laid at Coach Cal’s door. Because you are such a little bug you will get away with it, but you are not a writer, you are just a liar! And growing up in the Bible belt, I know exactly what happens to liars…

  16. gmccane1 says:

    It’s because he’s white ! Am I right ?

  17. Megan says:

    As Seth Davis recently noted, what happened at UMass and Memphis had nothing to do with Calipari. Agents got to Camby. That’s on him. Rose, maybe, didn’t take his SAT. He says he did. And to be clear, the NCAA didn’t rule him ineligible on those grounds. No, the ETS, the independent testing service, invalidated his test score retroactively when he didn’t respond to two letters of inquiry (sent to an address he wasn’t at). The NCAA determined it didn’t have to rule on the issue of test fraud: If his score was invalidated after the season was over, then he was never initially qualified to play. (Think about that for a moment, and cry.) But Calipari’s track record? Absolutely clean. The NCAA has never so much as implicated him in anything. Whatsoever. Let’s all get that perfectly straight.

    But it’s true that he hired Tyreke’s strength coach as an assistant. A common practice among college coaches that, while legal, was never commendable and is now no longer permitted. And Calipari must take some responsibility for letting Reggie Rose fly and stay with the team in 2007-08. The practice was, again, perfectly legal; the NCAA had no problem with it whatsoever — so long as the athletics department made sure to charge Reggie’s credit card accordingly. Which it did for most of the season. But in mid-December 2007, though he was charged for the flight, he wasn’t charged for the lodging. The same thing happened in late January 2008. On two later occasions, he was charged for the lodging and not the flight. It was an administrative error waiting to happen, and – easy to say in hindsight – Calipari should never have allowed it. As the author notes, SAT aside, Rose would have been ineligible beginning mid-December 2007 for impermissible benefits to a family member. The NCAA did not implicate Calipari in the matter, but he had the power to prevent it.

    So yes, a questionable hiring and a lapse of judgment, or too much faith that administrative staff will do what they are supposed to do. All in all, over the course of a lengthy career, that’s a pretty damn good record. Nothing like the innuendo I just read. It’s the author here, Patrick Sicher, who comes off rather badly for not knowing his history (he seems to have cherry picked Wikipedia). Or worse, for knowing his history and slinging mud regardless.

  18. Megan says:

    Click on the link at the top of this page titled “Why Is This Site Called BlackSportsOnline.” There, the creator and CEO of BSO explains what he means by “Bias Sports Media.” After likening the media to a pack of wolves, he explains:

    “The media doesn’t care about race they care about recognition and that recognition is about sensationalizing stories and focusing on athletes whom the public already has a negative perception of and feeding that frenzy. As stated before the gasoline to a flickering flame.”

    Substitute “sports figures” for the term “athletes,” and you have the perfect description of Patrick Sicher’s piece on Calipari. Odd that the creator and CEO of BSO would allow the very slaughter of image he so well criticizes elsewhere on this site.

  19. Cheaters of all kinds might get away with it for a while but eventually they all get caught. It shocks me when they do they are shocked and deny that they cheated at all.

  20. jay says:


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