Cowboys WR Roy Williams: “For Us Older Players The Lockout is Good”

I know what Roy is trying to say, but like a lot of things that Roy says he probably should have kept this in the vault.  Everyone knows that NFL players aren’t that keen on attending mini and training camps, but when public opinion is in your favor don’t say stuff like this.

“I talked to a player who was contemplating retirement, but the lockout has gotten his body back to where it needs to be,” Williams told the Odessa American. “For us older players, it’s good.”

It’s interesting that the 29-year-old Williams thinks of himself as an older player. It’s also interesting that Williams is willing to talk about the lockout as a good thing, as nearly every player who has made similar comments has been harshly criticized.

The reason Williams said it, is because he isn’t too bright to be honest.

Hopefully the lockout will be over soon, so we can concentrate on more important things like Fantasy Football.

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