Daughter of Robert Horry, Ashlyn Horry Passes Away at Age of 17

This just breaks my heart as the daughter of Robert Horry, Ashlyn Horry passed away today at the age of 17.  She had been fighting a very rare disease since she was born.  It is something that Robert Horry spoke about often and said she was his hero.  She was a true fighter and an example of what being a warrior is all about.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Horry family and friends.  I can not imagine the pain they are in right now.

Here is a brief description of the disease Ashlyn was fighting.

Ashlyn Horry. Born April 2, 1994, with severe respiratory issues and a host of other complications requiring a six month stay in Texas Childrens Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, she has endured. After numerous tests, multiple surgeries and several near death experiences, Genetic Physicians found that she had a rare chromosome abnormality; partial deletion of her number 1 chromosome (short arm). Not much information was known at the time to have any frame of reference or “road map” to go by. In fact, the abnormality didn’t even have a name. In just recent years, a name has been attached to this chromosome abnormality. It is now known as 1p36 Deletion Syndrome.

Please make a donation to the Ashlyn Horry Foundation to help fight this deadly disease.

20 thoughts on “Daughter of Robert Horry, Ashlyn Horry Passes Away at Age of 17

  • We love your Robet Horry!! God Bless you my brother.

  • Nothing worse than losing a child. What she didn’t have in years she so had with love.
    Many healthy children and their families may take it for granted their time on this planet or health. Remember the families who don’t take 1 second to recognize that each minute that ticks by is a blessing to have that person here on Earth with you.
    Her life has helped the medical community to assist God forbid if another child is struck with this syndrome.
    If you were missed then you were loved. May Heaven forevermore be blessed with her.
    God bless her and those who loved her…

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