Dennis Rodman Assaults Ohio Man, For Saying He Was a Lebron James Fan


True story my first girlfriend at The Ohio State University was from Akron, OH.

I can tell you from experience I have no clue why Dennis Rodman would decide to chill in Akron of all places to have a drink, but he did and from that point on it became a scene straight out of the WWE.

Dennis Rodman got real physical at a bar in Akron, Ohio earlier this week, TMZ has learned — allegedly shoving a local patron after the man uttered two unforgivable words … “LeBron James.”

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the man in question — named Michael Douglas (NOT the actor) — stopped by a local bar after he heard Rodman was drinking there.

According to the report, Douglas walked up to Rodman and joked with him — asking if he was in town to check up on LeBron … and for some reason, Rodman flipped and shoved him back.

I get the feeling that when anything bad happens in Ohio, they just blame Lebron for it.

Lebron in Ohio is like A & D Ointment, just a catch all for everything.  Police are not looking for Rodman and aren’t pursuing the case.


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