DeShawn Stevenson: Men With Tats, Don’t Facebook or Type on the Internet

My grandmother always told me to think before I speak.  I was out to dinner last night and someone asked me why does there seem to be a slight hesitation before I answered a question or why some of my answers seemed to be missing the full answer.

I am doing as my grandmother asked me to do.  I am getting my thoughts together so I don’t sound like an idiot (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t).

This brings us to Mavs forward DeShawn Stevenson who wants to know if you have tattoos, he doesn’t expect you to be in front of a computer.

Stevenson told reporters why he’s not on Facebook in the wake of a “Stevenson” on Facebook blasting James with the message, “I told em Lebron is Overrated but did they listen? swag.” Via ESPN Dallas:

“There’s like 37 people that are acting like me on Facebook,” Stevenson said. “I mean, if you look at me and look at all these tattoos, do you think I’d be sitting on the Internet and typing? C’mon, man. Sometimes you’ve got to look at a person. I would not be in my house on a computer typing nothing about anybody.”

First off I don’t think there are 37 people pretending to be DeShawn Stevenson for obvious reasons (if someone wants to check feel free).

I think what Stevenson is trying to say is that he is too cool for the internet even though he was on Myspace back in the day flashing his “black card”.

Whatever the rationale he just sounds dumb. Stick to guarding Lebron and hitting 3s, leave the the typing on the internet to the professionals.

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