Did Terrelle Pryor’s Car Get Towed from Buckeye Donuts Shop

I have been to this donuts shop many times during my time at The Ohio State University.  Actually met one of my old girlfriends there, so I have fond memories.  There is no way to be 100% sure this is Pryor’s car even though the customer rims, might be a dead give away.

Deadspin.com gives a few more details.

If this is really Pryor’s car—and it sure as hell looks that way—we have ourselves a new nadir of the Buckeye scandal. That it happened at Buckeye Donuts makes it all the more Jamarcus Russell-y. At least Russell had first-round money.

I think this is going to end badly for Pryor similar to how it ended badly for Maurice Clarett.  Hopefully it won’t end up with him in jail, but I doubt it ends up with him playing in the NFL.

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