Dirk Nowitzki Has Torn Tendon in His Left Middle Finger

On twitter I told Mavericks Fan not to panic, it was just Game 1, but knowing that Nowitzki is injured is something that has to be a serious concern.

Dirk is going to try to play through it, but who knows what effect it will have on his game.

Dirk Nowitzki just said he tore a tendon in his left middle finger. Will wear a splint for rest of playoffs. Happened when Dirk stripped ball from Chris Bosh. Said he couldn’t straighten finger after injury.

Interesting that Dirk hurt his middle finger considering the Mavs were introduced to Cee-Lo’s F-U, maybe they will get John Cena to come by for Game 2.

The problem with this injury is the unknown, if Dirk isn’t great hard seeing the Mavs winning any games, but sometimes an injury can focus a player and his game goes to legendary levels.

Only time will tell.

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