Dirk on Wade & Bron Mocking his Sickness: “It Was Ignorant & Childish”


The one thing that a 7 game series has over one and done games is that the drama can build up over the course of time.  The Heat and Mavericks were pretty respectful of each other at the beginning of the series, not so much now.

Trash talking, mocking illness, Jets, hairlines, Avatars and everything else has just added to the intrigue.

They asked Dirk what he thought of Bron Bron and Wade mocking him (Video: Dwyane Wade & Lebron James Mocking Dirk Nowitzki’s Illness) and this is what he had to say:

Dirk on Wade cough: “I just thought it was a little ignorant or a little childish.”

Lebron refused to talk about it saying he has bigger things to worry about (that is the truth) and Wade who has been extra cocky during the series shrugged it off.

Someone is going to win the ring and be vindicated, if Dallas loses it will be talked about for a minute and people will move on, but if the Heat loses on their home court that will be a bigger story that Dallas winning.

4 thoughts on “Dirk on Wade & Bron Mocking his Sickness: “It Was Ignorant & Childish”

  • Wade and James fired shots first. Dirk was correct in his assessment. STFU and play ball!

  • IT was very ignorant and childish from these 2 superstars. I jsut didnt think they would make themselves look this stupid but they did. People tell the Mavs to let sleeping dogds lie but Dirk has a right to say what he said

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