Eric Williams Uses Twitter to Attack Ex-Wife Jennifer & BBWives Suzie

I halfway keep up with the Almost Basketball Wives via twitter, so I am not exactly sure why Eric is mad, but Bossip breaks it down somewhat.

Apparently Jennifer Williams has decided that she needed a reason to keep her storyline moving along on this season so instead of getting divorced and shutting the f*ck up, she will drag her soon-to-be ex husband through the mud a lil more, ya know…for ratings and whatnot. Well, after last nights episode Eric Williams took to Twitter, then took her to task, pretty funny stuff.

Still have no clue what is going on, but if you are an Almost Basketball Wives fan I am sure you understand.

Eric Williams always seems to be embroiled with something, heard he hasn’t paid his publicist and has some straight to DVD movie in the works, but I digress. No word if he will be opening his own rib shack.

All I know is anytime I see Jennifer Williams I think of her naked pics she leaked to WorldStar Hip Hop (pics are up top NSFW) because she is an attention whore like most reality show vixens, but she has a nice looking body, enjoy my Brothers.

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3 thoughts on “Eric Williams Uses Twitter to Attack Ex-Wife Jennifer & BBWives Suzie

  • Eric should not sweat that ho….just get him some ribs and move on to the next one….

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