ESPN Chris Broussard Sold His Journalist Soul to Kareem Abdul Jabbar?


Maybe Kareem will go sit down somewhere now that he has one person in his corner, “Soul Brother” Chris Broussard. The ESPN resident NBA Insider, has Kareem as his #1 center of all time.

It is just an opinion, so you will never hear me saying someone’s opinion is incorrect because they are entitled to it.  Just don’t be shocked if Broussard gets an exclusive Sunday Conversation with Kareem talking about Sky Hooks, statues, the beauty of open letters and how he almost cried because the Lakers didn’t upgrade him to first class.

For the record my Top 5 centers go as follows.

1- Wilt
2- Russell
3- Kareem
4- Shaq
5- Hakeem


  1. Shaq number #2, to be have to be kidding me? Dude must be on some crack that he bought in a ally way and it turned out to be sugar.

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