FIU Baseball Player Garrett Wittles Rape Charges Dismissed

Florida International University Shortstop Garrett Wittles ends the 2010 College Baseball season with an amazing 56 game hitting streak, 3 games from passing Robin Ventura’s record of 58 straight games with a hit.

On December 28, 2010 Wittles and two friends were charged of sexual assault at Nassau’s Atlantis resort by two 17-year-old girls.

Garrett carried the burden of the charges into the 2011 season opening with Southeastern Louisiana where he went 0-4 and lost his chance to be in the NCAA record books.

Monday, June 20, 2011 Wittles received the news he was waiting for, as the Bahamian courts dropped all charges.

“It’s over. The fat lady has sung in the Bahamas,” Sharpstein said. “This diabolical scheme to ruin the names of these young men and extort money is over.”

Appears one of the girls, father reported schemed to to set up a professional sports entity and Atlantis resort for extortion

It’s easy to say “All’s well that ends well” but when people create bonus charges of sexual assault; everyone loses. A future victim’s case may be disregarded or another athlete could be wrongly found guilty.

Although Garrett Wittles is free of charges, he will have to always wonder would he have made history if able to play baseball with a clear mind like the first 56 games of his winning streak.

2 thoughts on “FIU Baseball Player Garrett Wittles Rape Charges Dismissed

  • Well he may not make the NCAA record books but at least he’s NOT going to jail for rape. I got a feeling he’ll get over the hitting streak when he goes to a MLB team.

  • Geesh, that blows…I’ll gladly take my freedom over a record anyday.

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