FREE PLAX!!!!!!!! *Wait*…Plaxico Burress Released From Jail..First Pics


One of the greatest miscarriages of justice is over.

Only in America, shooting yourself can get you a two year jail sentence (save you legal comments I know and just remember the majority of people with same charge as Plax and no criminal record severed 0 to 6 months in jail).

But today Plax is free and the question begs what’s next?

While I am glad Plax in free, I don’t share the opinion that he will make an impact in the NFL ever again. This is different than the Michael Vick situation.

Vick was a lot younger and Vick could be 60 years old and still have a rocket for an arm.

Plaxico was breaking down before he went to jail, so I don’t expect him to be better now that he is out. I hope I am wrong and look for him to sign with the Eagles once the NFL Lockout is over (peep the Phillies Hat).

PLAX IS FREE!!!!!!!!


  1. The moment when a father meets his daughter (who was born while he was incarcerated) for the 1st time…PRICELESS

    Good Luck plax and NYC gun laws are………..yea

  2. Good for him, If he signs with the Eagles he’ll have allot prison story share with Michael Vick and Andy Reid ( You know his son(s) are in prison too. And they can change there names to the Philadelphia Felons. LOL!!!

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