Glen “Big Baby” Davis Talks Clouds in a Radio Interview

Is there a battle on who can be the biggest air head between Big Baby and Ron Artest?

In a recent radio interview Glen “Big Baby” Davis had the most random interview about…clouds.

Here is some of the interview:

“I hired a sports psychologist to help you tap into the zone … as far as you miss a shot, you don’t worry about that. You go to the other end and use that energy to do something else on defense. … Let it pass like a cloud. Clouds pass by you all the time and you don’t worry about it, you’ve just got to keep going. That’s what I’ve been concentrating on, just how to handle things like a professional.”

According to they said the interview wasn’t at all controversial but just a little out of there. You think?

“He discusses how he’s really getting into reading, but then when asked what he’s reading, he says a cookbook. He also discusses how the different plays in a basketball game have to be treated like a cloud, just passing without any worry.”

I know you saw the first part where he credits his sports psychologist. I felt that extensive research needed to be done to see what kind of credentials these so-called doctors have to make their patients say the most absurd.

According to my short-length research, it really isn’t that hard to become a sports psychologist. Some top sports psychologists earn six-figure salaries.

As far as education, a bachelors degree with a minimum of a certification in sports psychology will get you a decent job. But to have patients like Big Baby and Ron Artest you looking a a masters in counseling.

At the end of the day you can get paid six-figures to feed foolishness into athletes minds and say it’s “art”.

Well in that case, is it too late for me to change my degree…

Click below to listen to the rest of the interview:

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