Golden State Warriors Make Trade Offer for Dwight Howard

I have said this many times and I will say it again.

The only way Dwight Howard stays in Orlando is if the Magic get Chris Paul or Deron Williams. If that doesn’t happen he is gone and they will be better off trading him than letting him go in free agency.

No need to panic right now, but the trade offers will start coming in and they need to take each and every one of them very seriously.

The latest rumors coming from NorCal (via are that the Warriors have made an offer for Dwight Howard.

The rumored trade would look something like this:

Orlando Magic would receive:

  • Monta Ellis
  • Andreis Biedrins
  • Ekpe Udoh

Golden State Warriors would receive:

  • Dwight Howard

Great trade for the Warriors, awful one for the Magic, so they should just laugh it off, but keep it on the table so they can gauge interest.

Howard in my opinion is more valuable that Carmelo Anthony, so anything less than a Nuggets style haul for him would be a fail on the Magic’s part.

The Magic need to call up the Lakers and Bulls ASAP, since they have the trade pieces that would keep the Magic relevant after Dwight leaves.

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