Jermain Taylor Returning to Ring After 2 Years

At one point Jermain Taylor was “next” then came the losses and subsequently the injury.  After two losses and an unsuccessful move to super middleweight that resulted in two devastating knockout losses, Taylor was forced to take a lay off from boxing due to a concussion suffered after being knocked out by Arthur Abraham.

Two years of healing and waiting on the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio bout like the rest of us has led Taylor to resume what once was a promising career.

Taylor will return to the middleweight division that he once looked poised to reign over after beating Bernard Hopkins not once but twice.  At 32 years of age, it won’t be easy for Taylor to pick up where he left off.  Yet, seeing as to how he left off on the canvas that might be a good thing.

The most difficult task for Taylor will be to do what he has never been able to do and that’s finish a fight without bottoming out.  Taylor’s endurance or lack of over the latter half of fights is mostly attributable to all of his losses.

Per ESPN, Taylor will more than likely return to the ring on August 13th, just two days after his 33rd birthday.  Taylor’s return to the middleweight division is a testament to how serious he is about his comeback seeing as to how he was once at 197 pounds during his layoff.  Hopefully, Taylor is able to return to his once promising ways and remain healthy while doing so.

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