JR Smith Sports New Red Mohawk With His Tattooed Girlfriend Britanie Girard


I studied a little facial recognition when I was at The Ohio State University and just looking at their pictures, it appears to me they are genuinely a happy couple.

I can spot a “fake couple”, women just happy they are with a baller or a baller who just using a woman for sex easily. Certain cues that you look for.

People have been a bit rough of Britanie about her tats, but listen it is her life. If she is happy with it, who are we to judge.

We all have ownership of our bodies and are free to do whatever we please. Would I do it? Of course not, but I am not going to be mean to someone who does.

You can express an opinion without being nasty, try to remember that.


  1. While I wouldn’t do it, I am amazed at the level of talent shown by real tattoo artist. It’s hard enough to make pictures come alive on paper or canvas, but to do it on skin. Wow. That’s skill. It’s also interesting the changes in the tattoo: the asian imagery on the back, the “hood” cartoon looking characters, the egyptian goddess… Her tattoos suggest it’s a lot going on with ol’ girl.

    And if nothing else, that is real motivation to keep her body in order.

  2. i just want to say thanks for not tearing me down via this blog…. not that my appreciation matters but its definitely there

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