Kevin Love Needs Evidence to Believe Ricky Rubio Signed With Wolves

I love the name.


He could either be a WWE Wrestler (my nickname for him is Ravishing Ricky Rubio) or be in the remake of “I Love Lucy”.  Rubio has been hiding out overseas hoping that he would never have to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

He has finally decided to take his talents to Minneapolis, but Kevin Love is not convinced.

Rubio has natural point guard skills, he can’t shoot but neither can Rondo, so that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good player. We will just have to see if and when he ever shows up.

5 thoughts on “Kevin Love Needs Evidence to Believe Ricky Rubio Signed With Wolves

  • idk if it were not for the stupid rule stern put in preventing american teens from jumping straight from high school to the pros he would be irrelevent. i mean don’t get me wrong dude is a good player and if he gets the proper teaching can be better than good but he is no better than the youngsters we produce here who are being blocked from pursuing their craft after high school by stern and the ncaa. while this kid has gotten professional and international basketball experience because he is from another country. and then because he is not american he can come over whenever he wants and get all this hype. now i don’t have anything against him the kid can play but its not right he is getting his shot and these american kids have to risk injury and having their name put through the mud for a year in college because they (ruined) the beauty of college sports because they won’t go to class and they know they are not gonna stay in college for four years so they cheat on test and take money. give me a break!

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