Khloe Kardashian: “I Am No Basketball Wife, Lamar Is A Reality Star Husband”


Yesterday, I was watching the newest episode of Keeping Up With Kardashians when I heard Khole say something that got me thinking.

Kim asked Khole what it’s like to be a REAL basketball wife. Khole’s response: “I am no basketball wife honey, he (Lamar) is a reality star husband.”

*raises left eyebrow*

So Lamar, a.k.a Lam Lam, is a “reality star husband” now?

I know she said it as a joke but he was a basketball player first before he jumped on reality television.

I don’t understand why people are jumping on reality television and airing their lives to the public in the first place.

It seems like everybody is getting a reality show. From music artists (past and current), to washed-up actors/actresses, chefs, desperate single people, non-basketball wives, unmarried housewives, and random folks – almost everyone is jumping on this reality show ship. And now more and more athletes are jumping on board.

We had Carmelo, LaLa and their extravagant wedding; Mike Vick’s road to redemption; Ocho Cinco finding his perfect catch; T.O. and his little show; Lam Lam and Khole playing kissy face; and Kris Humphries just joined the pack when he put a ring on it.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if Patriots third-stringer Bret Lockett comes out with his own reality show soon. He didn’t lie about having a “physical relationship” with Kim for nothing.

It seems like these athletes are doing all they can to be “Hollywood as Hell.” (Shout out to Joakim Noah)


You already have fame, fortune and enough publicity. What more do you want? How can being on a reality show make your life any better?

And the bigger question is, what are your teammates saying about you in the locker room?

This attention whoring has to be breaking a few man laws.

There was a time when we only heard about news of athlete on ESPN only. Now we hear their names on E! and VH1.

Sooner or later game announcers won’t introduce athletes as “wide receiver so and so” or “point guard xyz.”

They will be introduced as “reality star husband Lam Lam Kardashian.”



  1. I watched the show as well and she JOKINGLY told kim “I’m not a athlete’s wife, he’s a reality star husband.” QUOTE CORRECTLY and stop making ish up!

  2. “I know she said it as a joke but he was a basketball player first before he jumped on reality television.”

    I think she realized it was a joke…..

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