Kijafa Frink, Michael Vick’s Fiancee Opens New PNK Elephant Store in Philly


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When I watched the Michael Vick reality show, I wasn’t always sure if Vick truly understood how he almost blew his entire career, but I always thought his fiancee Kijafa understood clearly.

She seemed like a sincere and genuine person.  She has stood by Vick for a long time, so it good to see her getting some shine.  Her career goals seem to be higher than being on a VH1 Reality Show.

Her  “PNK Elephant” boutique stores are expanding and they seem to be a success.  Hope the one she just opened in Philadelphia is a success as well.

As far as Vick, just stay out of the spotlight, count your blesses and do right by the woman who has done right by you.


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