Kurt Busch And Wife, Eva, Are Divorcing

Kurt Busch is back on the market ladies.

For all the groupies who need new a cash cow due to the NFL and NBA lockout, the NASCAR star is single again (almost).

Kurt announced today that he and his wife, Eva, are going through a divorce and asked the media to stay out his business.

“Although we [Busch and his wife, Eva] are no longer together and are legally separated, we appreciate privacy in this situation,” Busch said. “All I want to say on this is we are going though the process of terminating our marriage, but we are doing it with respect for each other and we’ll always be friends.”

FYI, Kurt has earned over $2 million dollars this year. That should hold a groupie over until these lockouts end.


2 thoughts on “Kurt Busch And Wife, Eva, Are Divorcing

  • Chances are the reason they’re splitting is because there is already a groupie in place doing her duty…

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