Lakers Are Cool With Ron Artest Changing Name to Metta World Peace


This is LA, so this type of behavior is the norm.

Lakers are a smart organization (would be smarter if they got rid of Bynum for Dwight Howard) I am sure they will find a way to market Metta to where it ends up making everyone a lot of money.

Here are the details.

The Los Angeles Lakers organization is totally down with World Peace … telling TMZ the team is “happy to accommodate” Ron Artest’s proposed name change.

A rep for the team tell us changing Ron’s jersey from “Artest” to “World Peace” by next season shouldn’t be a problem … because there is still plenty of time to get that done.

It looks like Metta will stick with the Lakers at least for one more year, but even if he doesn’t it is good to know he will bring World Peace wherever he goes.


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