Lakers Coach Mike Brown Attempts to Butter Up Vanessa Bryant

I think we know who is really running things in the Bryant household.  Vanessa Bryant has been hustling Kobe since she was 17 and while she might dress her kids in Easter outfits every time they are on TV, don’t think for a minute she is a dumb lady.

While women like Jennifer Williams listen to their bobblehead friends and divorce ballers who are giving them a blank check, Vanessa has a Masters Degree from the School of Juanita Jordan.

She is going to leave Kobe at some point, but she is going to milk it for all it is worth before she does.

Mike Brown has an uphill job coaching the Los Angeles Lakers, but was smart enough to know if he wants Kobe in his corner, he has to butter up Vanessa.

No, Kobe Bryant wasn’t among the sea of faces who gathered Tuesday afternoon for the official unveiling of new Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown.

Certainly Brown could have been offended by the no-show, but he wasn’t. They’ve spoken in person and on the phone, texted each other a few times and plan to meet again. Brown said he even had a long conversation with Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, about places to live and schools for the kids.

But what about Kobe?

“He and I talked about a lot of things,” Brown said. “We talked about family, we talked about last year, the team. He wanted to know what I had in store going forward on both sides of the ball and what my beliefs are. I thought the meeting in person, as well as the conversations on the phone, went very well.”

Kobe is just being a baby, he has no choice but to except Mike Brown.  If Brown fails that means the Lakers fail and in turn Kobe can’t get that elusive 6th ring.

Vanessa may or may not be in his ear about what he should or shouldn’t be doing, but she is definitely talking to him, because who else is Kobe going to talk to?

Just how Vanessa wants it.

Chess not Checkers.

7 thoughts on “Lakers Coach Mike Brown Attempts to Butter Up Vanessa Bryant

  • Whoever this guy is that runs this website must be OBSESSED with Vanessa Bryant because all he does is rant and rave about her! What did she do turn you down when u tried 2 holla? Get over it find another target and quit sweating Mrs. Bryant sheesh!

    • Inbreds! Get a life, dude.

  • People don’t think she’s dumb they think shes a golddigging bitch.

  • Ever since that “no female hosts” during Allstar week I just cant look at Kobe the same. Man up fool

  • Why do I think dirty thoughts when Vanessa Bryant and “butter up” are used in the same sentence.

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