Lebron James Late Night Tweets: “Now or Never”

It was about 2:30 am EST when Lebron dropped this tweet randomly on his twitter account.  Interesting that a tweet could be more profound that his pregame motivation speech, but I digress.

I always thought no matter how the Heat won the championship, it wouldn’t matter how Lebron played, a ring is a ring.

Now I am not so sure. If he doesn’t have at least one signature Lebron style game, I wonder if his critics even if the Heat win will let him live down the fact he “shrank” in the big moments.

With D Wade virtually guaranteed the Finals MVP if the Heat win the series it would be curious how Lebron will be received in general public.  To me he is still the best overall basketball player on the planet, but you can’t overlook that at curious times he just disappears and appears to be more comfortable letting someone else take a leadership role.

If the Mavericks win the series the rapture will come down on Lebron’s hairline.

Maybe Lebron knows this and that’s the reason he can’t sleep.  Maybe it is his Ego talking to him letting him know that it truly is “Now or Never”.

2 thoughts on “Lebron James Late Night Tweets: “Now or Never”

  • Man just play the game…wtf is up with all this tweet bulls*&^%…..get on the court and play…that’s all they need to do

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