Meet The Couple Who Were Getting Busy During The Vancouver Riots


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I understand that some people get turned on by danger, the adrenaline rush can make them horny.  You add in a little alcohol and a lot of things take place that you may regret in the morning.

With that being said, I am still amazed that during a full fledged riot Scott Jones and Alex Thomas were able to play kissy face in the street.  The pictures are absolutely priceless.

But there appears to be more to the story than just some horny kids in the street.

Caught between police and rioters, Ms. Thomas was knocked to the ground by an officer’s riot shield as police charged forward, Ms. Jones told The Globe. Her son immediately tried to comfort her and gave her a kiss.

“I just thought, yep, that would be Scott because he’s a bit of a dreamer and he wouldn’t have even known there was a riot going on around him, quite possibly,” Ms. Jones said with a laugh from her home outside Perth in western Australia.

An avid traveller and aspiring stand-up comedian, the 29-year-old Mr. Jones has been in Canada on a 12-month work visa since last fall and has worked in the hospitality industry in Vancouver. He and Ms. Thomas are going on a trip to California soon and plan to move to Australia later this summer.

What a gentlemen…….

Here is video of the young couple.


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