Miami Heat Takes Another Star Player From Cleveland, Norris Cole

Miami Heat entered Thursday’s night draft with a glaring need at Power Forward/Center and Point Guard position.  All signs pointed to the Heat looking at Point Guard given the late round depth at that position compared to very few power players available.
The Heat owned the 31st pick but acquired the 28th pick from Minnesota via trade and used the pick to draft Norris Cole; a 6’2″ 175lbs Point Guard from Cleveland State.  Yeah that’s right CLEVELAND State.  The pick itself can be observed from many different angles.
*Miami sticks to the Cleveland again, first LeBron now taking another Ohio native from Cleveland.
*What if Norris Cole was a diehard Cleveland Cavaliers fan, now force to join forces with the Three Kings of South Beach.
Or my favorite……..
*What if LeBron knew about him and pointed him out to Riley, knowing he would be a good fit.
Probably none of the above; but I curious to see how he is treated by the city of Cleveland, especially anyone from Cleveland State University.  Cole was voted one of the 2011 Most Interesting People by
By the way Cole is athletic and based on his numbers; 20points 5rebounds 5assist 2steals per game average his well rounded game and “flat top” haircut should find a home with the Heat, especially when its time to guard Rajon Rondo or Derrick Rose.

8 thoughts on “Miami Heat Takes Another Star Player From Cleveland, Norris Cole

  • He’s no Mouse McFadden. I saw one “expert” say he will supplant chalmers eventually cause of his d. We shall see

  • I think this was another display of bad decision making by the Miami front office. To trade up to a guaranteed contract for a guy they would have gotten with their original pick was mind blowing. Not only do they not know if they will have any money next year with a new collective bargaining agreement, but an added 3 mil in cap space means they will possibly have to trade one of their “big three” just to have money to fill their bench. Nothing against the kid, but he wasn’t worth it in the long run.

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