Michael Vick Autobiography Coming In July

There are few professional athletes who’ve had the emotional highs and lows that Michael Vick has experienced. Now the Eagles quarterback is sharing those experiences in a new autobiography that’s set to be released on July 27th.

The book, entitled “Michael Vick: Finally Free” talks about his propensity for lying to try to get out of any situation (including to his own defense attorney) and his experiences in prison. In one excerpt, Vick talks about the day he surrendered himself to the courthouse to begin his prison sentence.

Then we pulled up to the courthouse, and Kijafa said, “Please don’t go, don’t leave.” My daughter, she was just crying out of her mind. She was three years old and it was like, “How does she even know what’s going on?” I guess she saw me crying and she saw her mom crying and she must’ve felt it. She was just in outrage, crying like a monster was trying to get her.

I just had to walk away from the car. I shook hands with Paul, shook hands with C.J. Reamon, my close friend and personal assistant.

Then I told everybody that I loved them and I walked up to the two officers who were waiting for me. When I walked myself in, they started handcuffing me right there on the spot. They put the cuffs on my hands and put the cuffs on my legs.

At that moment, my freedom was gone.

The book includes a foreword by Tony Dungy and will likely spend some time focusing on Vick’s re-dedication to religion. It will also likely help Vick re-pay some of the creditors he is ordered to make whole.

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