Mother of Allison Mathis Speaks to BSO About Chris Bosh Lawsuit & BBall Wives

From the day the doors open to BlackSportsOnline the foundation has been that I would  give you unbiased opinions and if at all possible both sides to every story.

I don’t try to force opinions on you, I give you my opinions and let you come to your own conclusions.

I have been very hard on the mother of Chris Bosh’s daughter Allison Mathis, based on the information I had.  With that being said it doesn’t mean I won’t hear other opinions on the subject.

So when I had the ability to speak to Allison’s mother, Deborah Mathis I was curious to hear what she had to say.

As you can imagine she defended her daughter and shed some light on some things that may or may not change your opinions (you can listen to what she had to say above).  She did bring clarity to a lot of issues I had questions about.

I agree with Ms. Mathis that the arguing, fighting and pulling each other down isn’t good for any of us.

In the end the most important thing and I am sure Ms. Mathis, Allison and Chris would all agree on is doing what is best for the child.

11 thoughts on “Mother of Allison Mathis Speaks to BSO About Chris Bosh Lawsuit & BBall Wives

  • Why does she call her grand daughter the child throughout the call?

  • Well hope it all works out for them…..

  • WOW!!! You degraded, slandered and trashed this woman’s name so badly that her own MOM had to call in to defend her from YOU?!?! Can’t wait for the DEFAMATION lawsuit coming your way!!!!

  • You do know that there are 3 sides to every story…..his, hers’ and the truth….right

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