Nate Robinson Cited for Public Urination

When Lil Nate has to go, he has to go.

Doesn’t matter if there are no bathrooms around, who is going to stop Lil Nate?

The answer to that seems to be the NYPD.  Here are the details.

Oklahoma City Thunder reserve guard Nate Robinson was cited early Friday when police said he was spotted urinating on the sidewalk outside the City Center in White Plains. N.Y.

The 5-foot-9 Robinson, who has also played for the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, was arrested shortly before 2 a.m. after cops said he was seen urinating outside a Barnes & Noble store on Main Street.

He was taken police headquarters, where he was issued a ticket charging him with a public urination violation.

What was Nate doing outside of a Barnes and Noble at 2am? That is more interesting to me than the public urination.

One thought on “Nate Robinson Cited for Public Urination

  • Guess he filled his pamper and didn’t have a new one.

    Start the clock – maybe another year in the league and then buh-bye!

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