NFL Lockout and Your Relationship With Your Girlfriend/Wife/Jump Off

NFL Lockout and your relationship

I am not a relationship expert; nor do I intend to impersonate one. I am just a guy going off of personal experiences and shared stories with friends. Many of us, men and women are all involved whether its marriage, being engaged, committed relationship, single, or maintaining a roster. Each has its own set of boundaries, rules, and regulations that we try to go by and maintain some balance in our life. Sports for many takes a high precedent in our daily routines, but no more than the NFL.

NFL Season is a part of every relationships CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), any form of relationship where one partner is an NFL fan, there is an understanding “Sunday is my day” plain and simple. One hour before early game kickoffs, we are glued to our laptops and TV making final adjustments to our fantasy football lineups. After watching the 1pm and 4pm games, we get an hour to regroup and prepare for Sunday night football for another three hours, and we watch SportsCenter right before going to bed. Football fans are even Monday night and Thursday night passes to enjoy watching football without any serious repercussions.

Now imagine your relationship routine without NFL Sundays

Yes, the very thought is terrifying. Instead of Sunday’s in your man/woman cave, sports bar, or at your buddies house watching the game. Your significant other will have all this new time and fun activities for both of you. After church having a wonderful brunch, trips to Bed Bath and Beyond, extra housework, watching those TV shows you really don’t like are in your future. Sure you could start up a Madden franchise or NCAA dynasty on your XBox/PS3, but you think your significant other is going to let you spend the entire Sunday playing video games… didn’t think so.

For those who are single, the video game route isn’t a bad idea. You could always re-watch seasons of Entourage, The Wire, Martin, etc… or re-watch your favorite movies. You are in lucky if you can make it into October with that routine, with no NFL and all your friends in relationships tied up with all this extra “together” time, you will more than likely replace that NFL void with a significant other of your own.

Individuals not fans of the NFL are reading and smiling because they are going to have more time together with their man/woman. Keep in mind they will have the NFL on their mind and will not be the best of company, the NFL lockout extending into the season could be the reason your relationship ends because they will be miserable and not have that outlet that allowed the relationship to have the needed balance in the first place.

My suggestion to all; if NFL lockout extends to the point games are being missed…

*Have your significant other join or create a flag football, basketball, or softball league on Sunday afternoons

*Overdose on College Football, make Saturday the new Sunday by enjoy every game possible even the Sun-Belt and MAC conferences.

*Try to do new things like go to Sunday matinee, Museums, Art Gallery, Zoo, etc..

Whatever idea works go for it; remember if no NFL, maintain the relationship balance and not smother him/her just because there is no NFL.