NFL Player Darnell Dockett Gets Pulled Over By Police..Live Tweets Racial Profiling



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One thing for sure, if Dockett would have gotten the Rodney King treatment his tweets would have been great evidence in his Civil Case.  Honestly this might a good thing for everyone to do.

If you feel the police or anyone for that matter is giving you a hard time just tweet exactly what is going on.

Tweets are never deleted and since they are in real time they could come in handy.  Take pictures and twitpic them.  Anything that may strengthen your case.

Dockett stuck to his guns so to speak and the police let him go.  Just remember though if you are going to challenge the police on a traffic stop make sure all of your information is legit and updated.

If you have 12 warrants don’t try to get your Dockett on.


  1. These COPS think they can TERRORIZE Black Dudes w/ Money & Fame… NOT GONNA HAPPEN BUDDY !!! ***LMAO***

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