Ohio State University Car Purchases Found in the Clear by BMV

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has determined that the purchases of dozens of vehicles at two local dealerships made by Ohio State University football players and their families were in fact legit. The 65 page report issued by the BMV concluded that the certificates of titles for 25 vehicle sales accurately reflected the vehicle’s sales prices.

In addition the report addressed what it called ”persistent allegations” that Ohio State athletes and coaches have been allowed to drive dealer-owned cars using dealer license plates.Which come to find out, under BMV rules, that practice is not illegal and is allowed. So the OSU football program, which has been marked by scandal this past year,  can finally take a sigh of relief;well for now.

With the resignation of OSU’s head coach, Jim Tressel, the recent announcement by their star quarterback Terrelle Pryor that he would forego his senior year at the university and an announcement today by Ejuan Price, a prized recruit for the upcoming season, stating that he in fact would not be joining OSU in the fall– many are left wondering what’s next?

One things is for sure and that is the OSU program has a lot of rebuilding to do. It will be interesting to see what changes will be made to repair the mess that’s been left behind this unfinished legacy.

3 thoughts on “Ohio State University Car Purchases Found in the Clear by BMV

  • Is the media going to apologize to Pryor? They made him look like a really bad person for driving different cars.

  • of course the paperwork is going to be “legit” OSU would be incredibly stupid to have something as easily traced as a vehicke purchase lead back to them or the “friends of the program”. The paper may be legit for the purchase but I’m pretty sure the monthly payments are made by boosters

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