OJ Simpson Confesses Murder to Oprah? Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Whatever Oprah wants, Oprah gets. Or does she?  Oprah recently expressed her wish that O.J. Simpson confess to killing Nicole Brown on her new OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).  Oprah has also stated that one of her biggest regrets was never getting O.J. Simpson to confess to the murders .  Can Oprah Winfrey pull off the biggest on-air confession in history?  Even my Magic 8 Ball said “Not Likely”.   Orenthal  James Simpson, former star USC running back and Heisman trophy winner, is currently serving a minimum of 9 years in a Nevada prison for a botched robbery attempt.  Reports are now indicating that O. J. has allegedly already confessed to Oprah’s producer that he murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown in self defense and would do the same on air. Oprah spoke it so it’s true, right?  It’s OPRAH!  I like to shop and I’m not buying this one.

For those that do not remember, O.J. and Al Cowlings were the focus on the slowest, high speed car chase ever.  The infamous, white Chevy Bronco was on every single television station as the police tracked O.J. down and charged him with murder.  O.J. Simpson was later acquitted in October 1995 of the murders of Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman in spite of evidence linking him to the crime.  His lawyer, the late Johnny Cochran, famously stated, “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit” and successfully defended Mr. Simpson. I vividly remember the day that the Not Guilty verdict was aired.  The “Trial of the Century” created an incredible racial divide within my university. I, being a college student, was napping between classes at the moment that the verdict was announced, however, the screaming and crying in the dormitory halls woke me up.  I literally witnessed hate that day.  Something tells me that not even O.J. wants this type of attention.


The fact is that there have been no confirmations from Oprah or her team that this interview was going to take place.  As a matter of fact, Harpo representatives have denied the rumor.

Despite a National Enquirer report that Simpson confessed from prison to murdering ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, a rep for Harpo tells The Hollywood Reporter, “That’s not true.”

There is no doubt that if Oprah HAD garnered this interview, every soap opera, news show, sitcom and internet feed would have interrupted their regularly scheduled programming.

By all accounts, this report of an alleged show airing a confession by O. J. Simpson is as valid as Basketball Wives actually being wives.  There’s nothing to see here, people.  Back to our regularly scheduled wait for the lockout to end.

5 thoughts on “OJ Simpson Confesses Murder to Oprah? Don’t Believe Everything You Read

  • I guess Oprah (and her partners) need ratings. Without ratings, Oprah won’t be a billionaire anymore.

  • A.C. You’re right. “Oprah Go Be Broke”. -sarcasm-

  • By the way it was a Ford not a chevy I hate when people make stupid simplse mistake

  • The mistakes were suppose to be there.

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