People Magazine Paying $1 Million For Coverage of Kim Kardashian’s Wedding


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Here is the crazy part.

People Magazine paid $300,000 for the exclusive “Engagement” cover issue, now they are willing to pay a cool million for all the exclusives leading up the wedding.

So that is $1.3 million for what exactly?

I need a fake engagement to a Kardashian ASAP.  It appears some people at People Magazine are wondering what in the blue hell are they agreeing to.

People magazine is paying Kim Kardashian more than $1 million for exclusive coverage of her engagement and wedding, sources told Page Six — but now the mag’s editors are concerned that the public fascination over the curvy beauty may be waning.

Kim’s surprise engagement to NBA star Kris Humphries graced the cover of People last month, with the mag touting “the incredible proposal — and the 20.5 carat ring.” The weekly paid her $300,000 and has now made a second deal for coverage of the reality star’s wedding for just over $1 million.

No wonder why the Hump is always smiling because he is getting half of that.  If someone would pay me $650,000 to hang out and break lamps with Kimmy I surely would do it with a smile on my face as well.
Who cares about love, when you can make over half million just taking a few pictures and giving a couple of quote.
It is the American Dream.


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